Though oldest, Ayurveda is one scientific form of healthcare in the world and this science has a strong background in Indian philosophy. It is called the healing science of India and utilizes the blessings of nature to restore the balance of the body. The very uniqueness of Ayurveda is that it not only helps the body to control diseases, but also teaches us to harmonize our body and mind with the universal laws of nature, thereby removing the very roots of a disease.

Our Ayurveda team is led by Dr. Hema K.P, working along with seven other doctors. Our team of therapists at Nattika consists of 70 masseurs who are experienced and trained in traditional Ayurveda treatments, and Kalari massage techniques.

Your Ayurveda treatment program will be under the personal guidance of our Ayurveda Doctors at all stages.

Dr Hema


Our Ayurveda Center is built in a traditional manner that allows the Ayurvedic principles to foster. The unique architecture is based on ‘Panchamahaboodha’ concepts (five elements) and this allows an abundance of natural light and air. There are a total of seventeen fully equipped treatment rooms, two steam bath chamber rooms and four doctor’s consultation rooms with two lobbies for guests.

Keeping up with our Ayurveda Philosophy, we are an alcohol-free resort. Moreover, our guests are encouraged to and normally stay for a period of 14 days or more in order to be able to fully immerse in the Ayurveda lifestyle.

Ayurveda Lobby


There has been a phenomenal increase in the demand for specialized therapies of Ayurveda and particularly Panchakarma, not only for the treatment of diseases but also for preventive & promoting health. As a result, many health centers and resorts are providing these therapies, but it should be done only by a proper examination, proper planning, and proper guidance as we focus on restoring the natural harmony of your body and mind. During the first consultation at Swastha, our doctors will ask for your medical history and will do the examinations based on Ayurveda (Darshana- Inspection and observations, Sparshana – Palpation, Purgation, Auscultation, Prashna – Interrogation like general state of health with special focus on your lifestyle, diet, habits, and environmental surroundings).

Based on this assessment, our doctor will try to:

  •  Analyze the imbalance of Doshas
  • Discover your body’s constitution (Prakriti)
  • Plan the treatments for the specific conditions and to remove the accumulated toxins, which is the main cause of most problems
  • Plan the Diet according to the specific imbalance
  • Prepare your body for maximum effect of oral medication
  • Make recommendations on how to restore your natural balance, which always includes changes in your lifestyle, diet, etc.
Doctor Consultation


Our treatments are planned focusing on the Shodana (Body purification), Shamana (Pacification), and Rasayana (Rejuvenation) type of management motioned in the Ayurveda classics.

SHODANA CHIKILSA (Body Purification Therapy): Due to our food habits, daily routines, climatic variations etc, toxins get accumulated inside the body and it leads to the imbalance of the tridosha. To get rid of these toxins, body purification therapies are proposed by doing Snehanakarma, Swedanakarma, and Panchakarma to attain proper balance of dosha.

SHAMANA CHIKILSA (Pacification Therapy): This therapy can be done after Shodana therapy, and also directly when there is less vitiation of dosha or when the person is not fit to undergo the purification therapy. Various treatment measures and herbal medications are used internally and externally to correct the derangement of dosha.

RASAYANA (Rejuvenation Therapy): The various cells and tissues of the body undergo changes as age advances. it is very necessary to rejuvenate the body systems for a better harmony of health. Aimed at achieving this goal, the doctors plan various treatments to rejuvenate your body.

Different stages of Ayurveda treatments:

  • The main purification therapies are often preceded by a preparatory phase (poorva karma) which includes administration of medicated ghee and other medicines along with different external therapies.
  • This is followed by the main cleaning therapy (pradhana karma).
  • After the main cleaning therapy there will be an aftercare (paschat karma) which is followed for the gradual buildup of digestive power, energy and restoration of doshas in a balanced state. This includes special treatments and regulations in diet, activities and medicines.

This cycle may be repeated several times according to the conditions and progress in symptoms. In Ayurveda, diet and activity regulation is considered equally important as medicines and therapies. The entire treatment is overseen by special diets, yoga and exercises specific to the body nature, climate and imbalance.

Please click here to access the complete list of Ayurveda Treatments offered by us.

Ayurveda Treatment Room


The key to live an effective Ayurveda lifestyle also rests within the power to attain complete relaxation through Yoga and Meditation.

At Nattika, our Yoga Masters guide you through soulful Yoga and Meditation sessions at Moksha, our Yoga Center facing the pristine ocean and its heavenly sunset. Yoga Asanas are done according to individual needs after discussion by the doctors with the Yoga teachers. A yoga post plan is prepared by our yoga team at the end of your treatment program, this is to be followed once you return back home.

We often team up with renowned masters from across the world and conduct collaborative yoga. To know more about the upcoming schedule, please click here.

In the evening on special occasions, our Moksha Yoga Center also becomes a stage for showcasing cultural programs from across Kerala.

Moksha Yoga Hall
yoga class


Yoga Nidra (Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday): Yoganidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. It is an efficient and effective form of psychic and physiological rest. 

Interactive Sessions (Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday): With this open discussion, the yoga teachers will be able to guide you to opt for the most suitable yoga sessions and posture for you.

Yoga Lecture (Every Saturday): It is a subject oriented class based on yoga. These weekly lectures will give you more insight about yoga and its importance in our daily life.

Meditation (On Monday and Thursday): Meditation is largely a spiritual practice that leads to a deeper level of relaxation that helps to reduce anxiety and build self-confidence.

Mantra Chanting (On Tuesday and Saturday): Mantras are powerful sound vibrations. The regular chanting of mantras will take you on a spiritual journey that brings positive energy and cleanses your aura.

Pranayama (On Wednesday and Friday): Pranayama is defined as breath control that utilizes breathing to influence the flow of prana (breath) in the nadis (energy channels) of the body.

To view the full Yoga Schedule, please click here.


Your Ayurveda diet and medicine are essential in ensuring the desired outcome of your program. Our Ayurveda restaurant ‘Vapika’ along with our Diet Doctors delivers the utmost care and services during your stay.

All Ayurveda diet details which include your medicine schedule and dietary specifications will be prepared by our dieticians post the diet consultation and passed onto our Restaurant Team who are well equipped and ready to take care of all your dietary needs.

The doctor’s recommendation is followed closely by our Restaurant team led by Mr. Kalai and all your individual needs will be attended to. Our exquisite Ayurveda buffet menu at Nattika is divided into Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. All the ingredients are farm fresh, and foods that assist in healing are widely used in the buffet.

Master Chef Joshy Sebastian and his team have perfected the age old Ayurveda recipes, and you also have a chance to learn them at our live cooking demonstrations every week. To experience the true sense of Kerala, classical music and traditional arts sessions are also conducted at our restaurant.

Ayurveda medicines play a vital role in your treatment; hence we have our own separate pharmacy at Swastha and this is taken care of by our pharmacists and we ensure that they are sourced from renowned Ayurvedic Houses.

To know more about VaPiKa timings and guidelines, click here.

Nattika Cuisine
Vapika Cuisine


In a huge step towards complete self sustainability in all aspects of an Ayurvedic experience, we are proud to announce the foundation of Nattika Life. A dedicated in-house 1500 sq foot space has been set up for the production of our own Thailams and Medicated Oils. Currently we are producing around 24 different Ayurvedic Oils with a monthly output of more than 1300 Liters.

By setting up our own Ayurvedic Oil production facility we have dramatically improved the efficacy of the Ayurveda Treatments for our guests. The Best and most Natural ingredients are sourced for all preparations and along with daily inputs from our team of Doctors, we have Two Well known Ayurvedic Vaidyars  – Vaidyar Sasi and Vaidyar Mohanan, along with two assistants that are engaged full time in the production of our own Ayurveda Oils.

Guests also have the option of taking home both 500 ml and 250 ml glass bottles packed and sealed Ayurvedic Oils, currently available in our Souvenir shop and Ayurveda Pharmacy.

Explore more by visiting www.natttikalife.com

Nattika Life Oils


The Nattika Life Herbal and Oil Company presents to you, “Nattika Essence”, a pioneering innovation by combining the science of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy.

Ayurveda considers the use of aroma as an important tool for prevention and healing. Some plants have a very high concentration of essential oils, which they have developed for their protection. Such plants have been used as medicinal plants / herbs since thousands of years to add to our own body’s arsenals of defense.

Essential oils are the aromatic or volatile extracts, which can be derived from different parts of the plant. The properties and healing action of the essential oil is different according to the source of origin.

Each plant has its own unique combination of five elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth) and gives rise to its distinctive structure and fragrance. Hence the ‘pachabhouthik’ (Five elements) balance of the body can be maintained and restored by using the proper blend of these aromas.

Ayurveda makes the distinction in the energetics of each herb and we can classify the essential oils into hot, cold, medium category as well as dry and wet nature. This further makes the possibility of classification based on Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. This concept makes it a natural blend of aromatherapy using essential oils and carrier oils to help balance ones Dosha.

Each essential oil used in aromatherapy has its own array of unique healing properties, uses and effects that can help us to heal, stimulate, relax, concentrate, reduce stress, balance our emotional state and help to manage various health issues.

In our Nattika Essence box you will find a special combination of ten blended essential oils for your wellbeing.

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“Allow things in your life which make your heart sing, feed your soul or nourish you on a daily basis.”

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