We are not your real hosts. The Nature – Plants, Animals and Birds around you are all your hosts. We urge you to embrace their existence and respect their hospitality.

The Nattika Gardens offer a spectacular view of untamed nature in all its manifestation of flora and fauna. The migratory and local birds can be both seen and heard around the resort. Our lush tropical garden amid the canopy of 1800 palm trees with rich vegetation, abundant life and high air quality  will leave you with an incredible healing and transformative experience.

Frequently Spotted Birds – Crows, Ravens, Malabar Trogon, Greater Coucal, Bulbul, Mynas, Barn Owl, Hornbills, Great Heron, Pigeons, Eagles, Kingfishers and Peacocks.

Frequently Spotted Animals – Palm Squirrel, Geckos, Civet Cats, Chameleon, Indian Toad, Bengal Monitor, Mongoose, Indian Flying Fox (Occasionally at Night)

More than just gardens, we also created 3 butterfly havens where you can appreciate their beautiful patterns and bright colors. To know more about the complete list of Botanicals, click here.

The Nakshatra Vanam or Star Garden is a concept of a mythological garden comprising 27 species of trees, each representing a zodiac star of Indian philosophy. Each star represents a tree. This tree keeps giving energy to the person who is born during that star sign. So, the presence of a complete set of 27 trees directly creates a healthy and sound physical, mental, spiritual being.

The Herbal garden in the Ayurveda Center provides a vast range of medicinal herbs used for the treatments and the Nattika Life Ayurveda oils. You will love to visit and learn about the specificities and benefits of each and every plant growing here.

Garden 1
Garden 2