“Leaving the Earth better than you found it” is our definition of success and a fulfilling mindset to follow. Whether it is from an environmental or a social aspect, we strive to make our surroundings a better place for us, and for the next generations.

In order to follow these principles, many different initiatives are put in place in Nattika, such as:

  • No more plastic bottles for our guests: We provide our purified water in recycled glass bottles at the restaurant.
  • Organic garden: supplies our restaurant with fresh and seasonal vegetables. The rest of the products are bought from local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint and support the nearby communities.
  • Sewage Treatment plants: We have two STPs and one ETP (one in the resort, the other in the Ayurveda Center) which recycle our sewage water and makes it usable for watering our lush gardens.
  • Effluent Treatment Plant: We also recycle our laundry water separately using the effluent treatment method, which clears the chemicals and makes it safe for gardening our farm.
  • Beach cleaning: Our staff regularly cleans the beach side, and thanks to this environmentally friendly activity, we maintain the pristine ambiance of nature and the sea around us.
  • Effective disposal of Biodegradable waste and usage of renewable energy: We have installed two biogas plants in the resort for effective disposal of food & agricultural waste. The fuel obtained is used for cooking purposes in our staff cafeteria.
  • Used Ayurveda oils: The wastes are collected and sold to local companies for recycling purposes to be used in machinery.
  • Attractive employment opportunities: We try to help the local community by creating jobs and employing people from the nearby villages.
  • Tennis court: We offer free tennis classes to local underprivileged kids, engaging them in a meaningful free time activity.
  • Nattika Life: In an effort to produce the best and purest quality of Ayurveda oils, we have our own production facility a few steps away from the resort. This initiative is another big step towards a full self-sustainability at The Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort.

An article written by our Director on the Importance of a Sustainable Ayurvedic Holiday Experience has been published, to read please click here.