The Nattika Life Herbal and Oil Company presents to you, “Nattika Essence”, a pioneering innovation by combining the science of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy.

Ayurveda considers the use of aroma as an important tool for prevention and healing. Some plants have a very high concentration of essential oils, which they have developed for their protection. Such plants have been used as medicinal plants / herbs since thousands of years to add to our own body’s arsenals of defense.

Essential oils are the aromatic or volatile extracts, which can be derived from different parts of the plant. The properties and healing action of the essential oil is different according to the source of origin.

Each plant has its own unique combination of five elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth) and gives rise to its distinctive structure and fragrance. Hence the ‘pachabhouthik’ (Five elements) balance of the body can be maintained and restored by using the proper blend of these aromas.

Ayurveda makes the distinction in the energetics of each herb and we can classify the essential oils into hot, cold, medium category as well as dry and wet nature. This further makes the possibility of classification based on Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. This concept makes it a natural blend of aromatherapy using essential oils and carrier oils to help balance ones Dosha.

Each essential oil used in aromatherapy has its own array of unique healing properties, uses and effects that can help us to heal, stimulate, relax, concentrate, reduce stress, balance our emotional state and help to manage various health issues.

In our Nattika Essence box you will find a special combination of ten blended essential oils for your wellbeing.

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