Leaving the Earth better than you found it” is our definition of success and a fulfilling mindset to follow. Whether it is from an environmental or a social aspect, we strive to make our surroundings a better place for us, and for the next generations.

In order to follow these principles, many different initiatives are put in place in Nattika, such as:

  • No more plastic bottles for our guests: No more plastic bottles for our guests: At Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort, we provide our purified water in recycled glass bottles at the restaurant.
  • Organic garden: supplies our restaurant with fresh and seasonal vegetables. The rest of the products are bought from local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint and support the nearby communities.
  • Sewage Treatment plants: We have two STPs and one ETP (one in the resort, the other in the Ayurveda Center) which recycle our sewage water and makes it usable for watering our lush gardens.
  • Effluent Treatment Plant: We also recycle our laundry water separately using the effluent treatment method, which clears the chemicals and makes it safe for gardening our farm.
  • Beach cleaning: Our staff at this Ayurveda beach resort in Kerala regularly cleans the beach side, and thanks to this environmentally friendly activity, we maintain the pristine ambiance of nature and the sea around us.
  • Effective disposal of Biodegradable waste and usage of renewable energy: We have installed two biogas plants in the resort for effective disposal of food & agricultural waste. The fuel obtained is used for cooking purposes in our staff cafeteria.
  • Used Ayurveda oils: The wastes are collected and sold to local companies for recycling purposes to be used in machinery.
  • Attractive employment opportunities: We try to help the local community by creating jobs and employing people from the nearby villages.
  • Tennis court: We offer free tennis classes to local underprivileged kids, engaging them in a meaningful free time activity.
  • Nattika Life: In an effort to produce the best and purest quality of Ayurveda oils, we have our own production facility a few steps away from the resort. This initiative is another big step towards a full self-sustainability at The Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort.

An article written by our Director on the Importance of a Sustainable Ayurvedic Holiday Experience has been published, to read please click here.


Stay well at our Ayurvedic beach resort, where sustainability and wellness go hand in hand.

Nattika Life Oils 1


Organic Farm

Our 4 acre Organic Farm offers our VaPiKa Kitchen a host of fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits which are used for some of our delicious dishes. Amidst our organic farm, you will find yourself some freshly and all organically pure products from the earth.

Fresh produce from our farms frequently include – Ash Gourd, Brinjal, Tomatoes, Snake Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Cabbage, Long Beans, Red Spinach, Beetroot, Tapioca, Banana, Papaya and much more.

organic farming

Tennis Academy

We conduct free tennis training sessions for the underprivileged kids from the nearby areas and local villages to engage them in a meaningful free time activity that promotes both physical and mental fitness. This training session is conducted in our resort tennis court by a professional tennis instructor. Our guests are also invited to participate in the training session. We aim to spread happiness and joy as well as promoting daily exercise to stay healthy and vital. Moreover, our guests are able to interact with the local children and let their inner child go loose leading to an overall psychological well being.

Tennis Coaching Camp


We are proud to be NABH accredited at the Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort. This is the highest recognition in the healthcare industry and proves our dedication in offering a service of quality. National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a constituent board of Quality Council of India (QCI), set up to establish and operate accreditation programs for healthcare organizations.

Another pride of our resort is the Green Leaf Certification from the Government of Kerala. The Green Leaf is a classification for Ayurveda Centers that possess the highest degree of quality and service.


Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort is a wellness retreat focused on Ayurveda & yoga. The resort offers 52 villas in a serene and sustainable environment.

The resort’s property covers 16 acres of lush coconut trees and expansive lawns.

Our resort is named after the eponym village Nattika, surrounding the resort and the beach from which we are bonded.

The Nattika Beach Resort is located at Nattika Panchayat in the Thrissur district of central Kerala. The village is just a few miles from the national Highway NH17.

  • Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport-60 km (90 minutes’ drive).
  • Nearest train station: Thrissur, about 30 km away (45 minutes’ drive).

It was opened in the month of December 2009.

Our Ayurveda center has seventeen treatment rooms, Ayurveda lobby, 4 Doctors Consulting rooms, Ayurveda Store and Steam bathroom.

The check in Time is 12 Noon and checkout time is 12 Noon. Early check in and late checkout is subject to availability.

The differences between the five categories of villas are as follow:

  1. Superior Deluxe Villa
    These are very spacious villas. It has unique features like a large verandah, bedroom area, dressing area and open sky bathroom. These villas are equipped with a thermostat offering air conditioning, a mini fridge, television and telephone. Guests will have an excellent view from the villa itself. These villas are 700 sq. feet each.
  2. Deluxe Villa
    These villas are a little smaller than the superior deluxe villas, but have big verandah, floor to ceiling windows offering a great view. These villas are equipped with a thermostat offering air conditioning, a mini fridge, television and telephone. These villas are 450 sq. feet each.
  3. Deluxe Twin Villas-Front Row Direct
    These are the same Deluxe Twin Villas in the front row which has the stunning direct view of the beautiful sea. These villas are equipped with a thermostat offering air conditioning, a mini fridge, television and telephone. These villas are 421 sq. feet each.
  4. Deluxe Twin Villa
    These are double unit villas with separate verandah and entrance. Spacious rooms equipped with air conditioning, a mini fridge, television and telephone. These villas are 421 sq. feet each.
  5. Twin Villa
    These are very cozy and double unit villas. Room is equipped with a thermostat offering air conditioning, a mini fridge, television and telephone. These villas are 388 sq. feet each.

All beaches in Kerala are public, but ours is fairly quiet and secluded, and our security guards will ensure your safety and privacy at any time of the day.

Being an Ayurveda wellness retreat, we do not encourage Wi-Fi connection in the rooms, however Wi-Fi is available in the lobby and the lounges. We also have an internet center at the reception with 2 computers, which can be accessed free of charge.

We offer mainly Ayurveda & Yoga packages based on availability of our treatment rooms. Guests can also choose a yoga package or a room only package as desired, based on availability.

At Nattika, we put at the disposal of our guests a wide variety of infrastructures.

Our Main facilities are:

  • Sea facing Lounge with Indoor Games and Wifi
  • Open Yoga Halls
  • Tennis Court
  • Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi
  • Ayurveda and Souvenir Shop
  • Over 3000 books at our Resort Library
  • Laundry Service (Special packages available on request)
  • Taxi Service
  • Complimentary Hi Speed Wifi at the Reception and Beach Lounge
  • Cultural Events and Classical Music Programmes
  • Telephone, Refrigerator, Hot Water, Television and Safe Deposit box in all rooms
  • Doctor on call
  • Money changing facility (We accept EUR, USD, GBP, CHF)

Our Beach Facilities:

  • Beach Huts
  • Reclining Beach Bed
  • Life Jackets
  • Sea Kayaks
  • Security Personnel on the Beach 24/7
  • Beach Side Restroom

Since it is not recommended for children to practice Yoga or Ayurveda at a young age. We are only entertaining guests from above the age of 12.

No, we do not have a specific room for any handicapped or differently abled guests. However, we offer the rooms 315 or 210 if any specially abled guest checks in – which has an easy access to all public areas, like the reception, restaurant, Ayurveda & Yoga Center. We also provide facilities such as a wheelchair, an accessibility ramp and anti skid mats.

The term Thrissur is the abbreviated Anglicized form of the Malayalam word “THRISSIVAPERUR” which means the town of the “SACRED SIVA”. The town is built on an elevated ground, at the apex of which is the famous “VADAKKUMNATHAN” Temple. A place of great antiquity, Thrissur was also known as “VRISHABHADRIPURAM” and “TEN KAILASAM” in ancient days.

Yes, we do provide this facility, and we exchange currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF. In case a guest wants to exchange more than 200 Euros, it should be informed to the reception one day prior so that the money is made available for the next day.

We do provide taxi services to and from the Kochi International Airport and Thrissur Railway Station. The costs are inclusive in the Ayurveda & yoga package. Guests can provide us with their travel details prior to arrival, so that we can organize their transfers accordingly.

No, we have a common tipping policy. Guests can drop their Tips in the common tip box kept at the Reception, Restaurant and Ayurveda Centre. At the Ayurveda Centre (only for Therapists), guests can mention the therapist’s name in an envelope and drop it in the tip box. The same will be given individually to the mentioned therapists.

Below are the listed destinations charges in Rps:

  • Nattika: One way – 60, Two way (with one hour waiting) – 160.
  • Thalikualm: One way – 90, Two way (with one hour waiting) – 220.
  • Triprayar Bus Stand: One way – 80, Two way (with one hour waiting) – 200.
  • Triprayar Rama Temple: One way – 100, Two way (with one hour waiting) –240.
  • Vadanapally: One way – 160, Two way (with one hour waiting) – 260.
  • Peringottukkara: One way – 200, Two way (with one hour waiting) – 440.

Charges shall be paid directly to the driver.

  • Snehatheeram Beach
  • Vishnumaya Temple.
  • Shree Rama Temple, Triprayar
  • Chemmappilly Hanging Bridge.
  • Guruvayoor Temple.
  • Punnathur Kotta, Guruvayooor.
  • Vadakkumnathan Temple, Thrissur.

No, we do not provide this facility in the resort.

If a guest wants to tip any team member, they can drop the tip amount in the Tip Box kept at Reception and Restaurant. Since we have a common tipping policy, the management will make sure an equal share reaches each employee in the resort.

We offer a variety of daily complimentary activities to appeal to our guests’ interests. Additionally, we also offer paid sightseeing experiences. Please refer to the complimentary and paid activities below:

Complimentary Daily Activities:

  • Monday – Herbal Garden visit at 4 pm.
  • Tuesday – Chef Cooking demo class at 3 pm.
  • Wednesday – Vaidyaratnam Trip at 02:30 pm (Charges Rs.2000 per person), Classical Instrumental music at 7 pm.
  • Thursday – Tea time gettogether at 5 pm.
  • Friday – Chef Cooking demo class at 5 pm.
  • Saturday – Backwater trip at 02:30 pm (Charges Rs.2250 per person), Classical Instrumental music at 7 pm.
  • Sunday – Ayurveda Lecture at 4 pm.

Experiences and Sightseeing in Nattika and beyond (Chargeable/ Paid Activities)

We invite you to refer to our travel book (PDF) for further details on the selection below:

  • Thrissur Trip – Heritage & Shopping
  • Kochi Trip – Heritage & Shopping
  • Athirapally/Vazhachal Falls & Thumboormuzhi garden – Nature visit
  • Marottichal and Peechi Dam – Nature visit
  • Kerala Kalamandalam – Heritage
  • Vishnumaya temple, Palayur church, Guruvayur temple, Guruvayoor elephant sanctuary – Temple tour
  • Trip itinerary for Backwater – Nature visit
  • Trip itinerary for Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda museum – Heritage

Yes, we have some reputable branded saloon and parlours nearby. Kindly ask at the reception and we will arrange an appointment for you, on request we can also arrange an appointment for Mehendi / Henna.

As a sustainable hospitality brand, Nattika is committed to nurturing the environment and fostering eco responsible business practices amongst its shareholders and stakeholders alike. Some of the initiatives include:

  1. STP – Wastewater treatment and the use of this water for gardening purposes
  2. Rainwater harvesting
  3. Biogas plant that provides cooking gas to the Nattika Ayurveda Centre
  4. Regular beach cleaning and plastic removing activities.
  5. Usage of purified drinking water in recycled glass bottles in guest rooms instead of packaged drinking water in plastic bottles.

The resort has its own organic garden, where we are growing different vegetables which are used for some of our delicious dishes in the Restaurant. The garden is outside the resort premises, but it takes only a few minutes of walking to reach the beautiful garden full of familiar and unfamiliar vegetables.

In front of the reception, we are having some bicycles kept for our guests which can be rented free of charge. You can take any cycle and enjoy a lovely ride around the resort.

  • 6 am -6.30 am – Meditation (30 min)
  • 30 am – 7.30 am – Progressive Yoga (60 min)
  • 45 am -8.45 am –Wellness Yoga (60 min)
  • 30 am -11.30 am- Yoga nidra, interactive session and yoga lecture
  • 30 pm – 5.30 pm – Wellness yoga (60 min)
  • 30 pm-6.00 pm – Meditation (30min)

Our cancellation policy is detailed below:

  • If the booking is cancelled before 30 days of arrival, there is no cancellation fee
  • If the booking is cancelled between 29 to 11 days of arrival, 50% of the booking charges will be deducted.
  • If the booking is cancelled between 10 to 4 days of arrival, 75% of the booking charges will be deducted.
  • If the booking is cancelled between 3 days to the scheduled arrival date, then 85% of the booking charges will be deducted.
  • If the booking is cancelled after arrival at the resort or in case of early departure, then 100% of the booking charges will be deducted.

Yes, our Ayurveda restaurant offers a completely Vegetarian Ayurvedic Buffet. The buffet has been prepared keeping in mind the Ayurvedic Diet Principles by our Executive Chef Joshy and our In-house Dietician Dr. Nitha.

Some of the noteworthy shopping destinations in the city, that showcase a host of ethnic and Indian wear for men, women and children and traditional wears like Kerala Kasavu collections (cream and gold border sarees and dhotis), spices, condiments, antiques, jewelry, gold, handicrafts and local souvenirs include:

  • Shoba city mall
  • Surabhi (Handicraft)
  • Kairali (Handicraft)
  • Kairali Book shop (book shop)
  • DC books (book shop)
  • H&C books (book shop)
  • Fab India Store (Textile)
  • Kalyan Silks (Textile)
  • Pulimoottil Silks (Textile)
  • Joyalukkas (Jewellery)
  • Kalyan Jewellers
  • Josco Jewellery
  • Chiriyankandath Jewellery

No, we do not offer cross massages / treatments at our Ayurvedic Center. Female therapists cater to female guests and male therapists cater to male guests.

Yes, we have a private business center at the reception, please contact our reception team for your requirements. (services offered include – scanning, printing, Xerox and basic stationeries).

Nattika Life Ayurveda Oils is our home grown brand of oils prepared by our team of well-known Ayurvedic Vaidyas at the production unit in Nattika. We prepare a selection of medicated and herbal oils which are available for purchase at our Ayurveda Centre as 500 ml and 250 ml glass bottles packed and sealed by Nattika Life Ayurveda Oils.

Essential oils commonly are the extracts of herbal plants or spices, aroma of which contributes to the healing therapies widely. At Nattika, we are making extracts of rare herbal plants and spices with the intention of providing an added support to the guests along with the Ayurvedic treatments in order to make the guests’ stay more satisfying, relaxing and fruitful.

We are setting out a vast array of essential oils for the guests to apply over their tissues, face towels, pillows, diffusers and also for body applications.

After consultation, our physicians will recommend the specific essential oil from this wide range of oils depending upon your dosha imbalance and specific health condition.

These essential oils are available for purchase at the Ayurveda Center.

We recommend a minimum stay of 7 days to gain maximum benefits of your Ayurveda treatments and daily yoga practices. The average stay by guests is approximately 14 days.

  • 1 Oct to 19 Dec – Season
  • 20 Dec to 31 Jan – High season
  • 1 Feb to 30 April – Season
  • 1 May to 30 Sept – Off season

We have a fully equipped STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) with a capacity of 13000 CT for handling of all wastewaters produced effectively and the treated water is used for gardening and horticulture purposes.

https://www.thenattikabeach.com/ which is the brand website of Nattika. All bookings are made directly through our website and by contacting our reservations department.

We are available on both Facebook & Instagram

On Instagram we are present as @Nattikabeachayurvedaresort and on Facebook we have a page titled The Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort. For our latest updates and events, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook, like our page and review us on Facebook. Additionally, you may also find and review us on Tripadvisor and Google.

  • TripAdvisor Best of the Best Award 2021 – Placed 10th in Top 25 Hotels in India.
  • Recipient of Tripadvisor “Travellers choice” award for 6 consecutive years, since 2014 till 2020.
  • Tripadvisor Hall of fame recognition 2018.
  • The resort was listed under top 25 hotels for Service in India by Tripadvisor 2018.
  • German travel forum “holiday check” 5 stars certified for best sustainable practices and consistently ranked high.
  • NABH Accredited (National Accreditation Board of Hospital and Healthcare Providers – Highest recognition given to wellness and healthcare)
  • SATA (South Asian Travel Awards 2020 – Leading Ayurveda Destination)
  • Featured as N°1 on the “Top 21 Ayurveda resorts in Kerala, India to visit in 2020” by the leading Health & Wellness community, Retreat Kula.

Local Sightseeing

Kerala features many places of interests for our guests to discover and many are accessible from the resort for day trips. As we would love you to experience the richness of our beautiful country, we can arrange for you any of the visit worthy spots compiled in our Travel Guide.


As we provide the opportunity for our guests to explore the surroundings, we also provide daily activities inside the resort with the same objective of discovering about our culture, our philosophy and much more.

On Mondays you can visit our Oil factory and organic garden visit at 11 am. We will demonstrate the making of medicinal oils and later show you the organic farm where we grow the fresh vegetables used for your meals.

At 4 pm, our Ayurveda doctor will take you around the herbal garden at the Ayurveda center for pleasure and inspiration. It is a unique interactive experience for all ages.

Join our talented chef for the Ayurvedic cooking demo classes at the Vapika restaurant every Tuesday at 3pm. The class includes a cooking demonstration, a sample of the featured dish and the recipe for you to take home.

On Wednesday, we propose cultural activities with the visit of Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Museum at 02:30pm (Charges Rs.1000 per person), where you will learn more about Kerala’s traditional wisdom in healthcare and its origin mostly founded on the principles of Ayurveda.

In the evening at 7 pm, you can enjoy a traditional musical concert while you relish your dinner in the Vapika restaurant to the best of Indian classical ragas.

Every Thursday at 5pm, join us and the other guests for a Tea time together in the cozy lounge by the beach side. The beach lounge sets the ideal backdrop for a casual get together and you can mingle over a cup of tea, freshly made juices and healthy snacks.

Join our talented Chef at Vapika for Healthy cooking class on Fridays at 5 pm, where he demonstrates quick and easy techniques of healthy cooking and lets you try every dish prepared during the initiation.

Before the cooking demonstration, you have another opportunity to visit our Oil factory and the organic garden at 3 pm.

Saturday we will take you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Kerala countryside with a Back water trip at 2:30 pm (Charges Rs.2500 per person). Lined with dense tropical greenery, it offers a glimpse into the rural lifestyle of Kerala.

At 7 pm in the Vapika restaurant we will have another traditional music concert to delight you during the dinner time.

On Sundays, you can attend an Ayurveda lecture at 4:15 pm where our Ayurveda doctor will share information and enlighten you on the different aspects of Ayurveda in this lecture held in the lounge of the Ayurveda Center.

Chef Joshy Cooking Demo



The Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort
Nattika Beach P.O, Nattika, Thrissur,
Pin-680566, Kerala, India.

Get in Touch:

Mr. Roshan –  Group Reservation Manager

Hotline for Reservations: +91 8943884444

Front Office Number : +91  9072348923

Email: [email protected]


Fill the below form or submit your CV at [email protected]

Employment Opportunities:

The Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort is an equal opportunities employer. With two Ayurvedic Beach resorts under its canopy, the group offers ample opportunities for growth in the tourism industry. We invite qualified, dynamic, self-motivated, and confident people to join us in this growing industry.

Moreover, we also take interns.

Attractive remuneration is offered along with accommodation and food facilities. We also offer performance-based incentives every 6 months.

For more information about an Internship, please contact [email protected]

Staff Welfare:

  • Full Accommodation and Food is provided to all our team members.
  • Family Accommodation is also provided to those who request it.
  • Provident Fund Option and Full Medical Health Insurance is provided to our entire team.
  • Staff Transportation to and from Resort for staff living with their families in Thrissur.
  • Employees who have worked for over a year are given Interest Free Loans on request.
  • Practical Training on Sustainability Topics for Greater Awareness – For staff awareness, instructions are given based on actual tasks.
  • Total compliance with the Local Labour Office Rules & Regulations. Reasonable working hours, Days Off etc.
Training of Therapists


The Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort has opened the doors of its new property, a Boutique Luxury Beach Hotel in Kovalam – Rockholm at the Lighthouse Beach.

An Iconic Property by the Beach, Rockholm traces its origins to the early 1980’s when it was first built as a seaside hotel. Almost 40 years later, it has now been brought into the future with a comprehensive renovation that has preserved the essence and spirit of the original design.

Situated on a small cove at the heart of the Lighthouse Beach with unparalleled views of the Arabian sea, Rockholm is a fully Ayurveda and Yoga Centric beach hotel with all services and amenities based around this concept.

Life is all about the memories we make and Rockholm with its location, aesthetic design and the luxury of personalized experience for world travellers, is sure to spark timeless memories.

For queries and bookings, please contact our reservations at the email Id: [email protected] or visit us on www.rockholm.com.