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Nattika Life is a leading Ayurveda Wellness Group located in the heart of Kerala, a land famous for its lush landscapes and profound Ayurvedic traditions. The group is committed to providing sanctuaries of healing along the serene seaside where the tranquility of nature enhances the journey towards wellness. Their mission is to provide a transformative experience that aligns the body, mind, […]

Benefits Of Ayurveda

benefits of ayurveda

Every science was born out of the ardent search for ways to improve the quality of Life. This search can be traced back to the origin of mankind! Man found out many new techniques and developed new technologies to aid for the sake of well being. These tools have improved the quality of life and […]

Introduction Of Ayurveda

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India belongs to an age old civilization, which was blessed with great knowledge in various streams of sciences; be it Astronomy, Mathematics, Architecture or Medical Science!

Udwartanam a Special Therapeutic Massage


Udwartanam or powder massage is a special therapeutic massage in which herbal powders are used to massage the body against the direction of the hair follicles with more pressure.

Health is Wealth

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NATTIKA NEWS & UPDATE A healthy nutrition is just as important as taking time to surround yourself with things that you cherish. Here at Nattika we take good care of all our guests needs. From ‚A’ like ‚Ayurveda’ to ‚Y’ like ‚Yoga‘, we want your treatment to be marvelous in every aspect.