Ayurveda suggests the intake of herbal drinks and specific fruit juices

December 12, 2022

Ayurveda recommends following a seasonal lifestyle or ritucharya during different seasons to maintain the balance with nature.Ayurveda suggests the intake of herbal drinks and specific fruit juices to replenish the fluid level in the body and to prevent dehydration.

As we honor natural daily and seasonal rhythms, we introduce to you this refreshingly good ayurveda herbal drinks to keep you hydrated and well nourished this summer.

Nannari – Indian sarsaparilla (hemidismus indicus)_
Karingali- cutch tree (acacia catechu)
Ramacham- vetiver root( Vetiveria zizanioides)

Karingali – water made by boiling the bark of Acacia catechu is used to reduce Pitta related health problems, basically for skin diseases. It is an excellent blood purifier and improves liver health.

Nannari – is a herbal having versatile properties as it is one of the best detoxifying herb. It purifies blood and improves skin texture. It is good for gynecological problems, anti infective, helpful in gastritis and ulcers . It is good for all the three doshas especially Pitha

Ramacham – vetiver- vetiver is a coolant. It is widely used in fever dysuria, burning sensation, fatigue syndrome and skin disorders. It is antitoxic and excellent remedy for excessive sweating and thirst