Set out in 16 acres of lush coconut groves by the central Kerala coast. The long sandy beach and the wonderful sea views with a traditional Kerala design of all our 52 villas complement the Ayurveda experience curated here.

The villas are made with traditional Kerala elements rooted to Ayurveda and are available in five different categories.


700 Sq. Ft.

Large Verandah and Sun deck with a sea view.

Generous living space, Floor to ceiling wooden windows, wardrobe.


450 Sq. Ft.

Large Verandah and Sun deck with a sea view.

Floor to ceiling windows with a sea view.

Relaxed living space, wardrobe, spacious bathroom.


421 Sq. Ft.

Spacious adjacent double units with a direct sea view.

Intimate Verandah and Sun deck.

Well-appointed resting space, wardrobe, bathroom.


421 Sq. Ft.

Spacious adjacent double units with a direct sea view.

Intimate Verandah and Sun deck.

Well-appointed resting space, wardrobe, bathroom.


388 Sq. Ft.

Adjacent double units with a partial sea view.

Intimate Verandah and Sun Deck.

Well-appointed resting space, wardrobe, bathroom.

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The Nattika Beach is a 3km long and quiet white sandy beach that looks onto the Arabian Sea.

The serene and calm beach is an ideal spot for long walks and wonderful swims. Frequently spot dolphins and other sea life as well as Catamarans that the local fisherfolk use for fishing.  Use the sea kayaks to really explore the coast. Our beach is constantly monitored by our team of friendly security personnel that maintain a constant vigil for your safety.

The need to relax and center oneself is one of the cornerstones of an effective Ayurveda treatment and the spectacular Nattika Beach offers the perfect opportunity. The numerous beach huts that house the beach beds provide a wonderful ambience to enjoy the serenity of the quiet beach.



We are not your real hosts. The Nature – Plants, Animals and Birds around you are all your hosts. We urge you to embrace their existence and respect their hospitality.

The Nattika Gardens offers a spectacular view of untamed nature in all its manifestation of flora and fauna. The migratory and local birds can be both seen and heard around the resort. Our lush tropical garden amid the canopy of 1800 palm trees with rich vegetation, abundant life and high air quality  will leave you with an incredible healing and transformative experience.

Frequently Spotted Birds – Crows, Ravens, Malabar Trogon, Greater Coucal, Bulbul, Mynas, Barn Owl, Hornbills, Great Heron, Pigeons, Eagles, Kingfishers and Peacocks.

Frequently Spotted Animals – Palm Squirrel, Geckos, Civet Cats, Chameleon, Indian Toad, Bengal Monitor, Mongoose, Indian Flying Fox (Occasionally at Night)

More than just gardens, we also created 3 butterfly havens where you can appreciate their beautiful patterns and bright colors. To know more about the complete list of Botanicals, click here.

The Nakshatra Vanam or Star Garden is a concept of a mythological garden comprising 27 species of trees, each representing a zodiac star of Indian philosophy. Each star represents a tree. This tree keeps giving energy to the person who is born during that star sign. So, the presence of a complete set of 27 trees directly creates a healthy and sound physical, mental, spiritual being.

The Herbal garden in the Ayurveda Center provides a vast range of medicinal herbs used for the treatments and the Nattika Life Ayurveda oils. You will love to visit and learn about the specificities and benefits of each and every plant growing here.

Garden 1
Garden 2


You can come to Nattika at any time during the year. The resort is beautiful and well maintained in accordance with each season. There is not a specific moment better than another and every season has its share of assets. The best time for you to come only depends on what you want to experience and your availability.

For wellness purposes, effectiveness of treatments and for enjoying the pristine Nattika Beach at its best, the ideal time to visit is from the months of September to uptil May. During the on season, the weather is mostly  sunny and pleasant during this time.

The Monsoon season from June to August is also recommended and is a wonderful time to be in Nattika if one wishes to enjoy the rains and experience the monsoon ayurveda treatments.


Nattika’s extensive property in the middle of our 16 acres of lush coconut groves and luxurious gardens merges perfectly with nature to become a space of pure bliss. The contrast offered by being completely bordered by an infinite beach of fine sand is all you will need to make your stay an idyllic experience. Every part of Nattika inspires calm and serenity and our staff, of exquisite kindness, is dedicated to always be very attentive to your every need.

Staying in Nattika is a fabulous experience in itself. Adding the personalized healing of your body, mind and soul through your daily Ayurveda treatments, a yoga practice, and a healthy diet will exceed all the expectations you have of a wellness retreat.

As there are no two identical people in the world, the same goes for the perception of wellbeing. Therefore, it is important for us to ensure, from day one, a tailored service focused on the individual and his needs. Whether you need a relaxing stay or an intense program, you will be delighted to see that each and every aspect of Nattika is adjustable for your utmost comfort and satisfaction. In fact, following the suggestions and feedback from our guests has been the main factor of our success. Thanks to that, we are proud to have many guests coming back frequently and having the sensation of feeling at home in Nattika.

Moreover, you can spend your time by participating in the numerous activities provided inside the resort. The regular events happening daily are all very different and can range from social to culinary related experiences while passing through learning or discovery occasions.

life at nattika 1
Onam Celebrations


Whether in the Ayurveda Center Swastha or in the Resort, each member of our team is dedicated to providing you with the best stay possible. Discover the unrivaled quality of the Indian style service.

Every service offered in Nattika is led by an expert of the field and its committed members. Thus, we offer the best of Ayurveda treatment thanks to our experienced and qualified team of doctors, therapists and dieticians.

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Morning Prayer at Ayurveda Center
Nattika Doctors Team