Covid19 Protocols Implementation

Beach Lounge 1

NATTIKA NEWS & UPDATE As the world adjusts to the new normal while responding to the evolving covid pandemic , It is with utmost care that our associates , doctors and management have come together to create extensively updated health and safety policies for each of our properties complying with the standards of National Accreditation […]

Gift from guest

nattika gifts

NATTIKA NEWS & UPDATE Our beloved patron and a gifted artist Ms. Hanna Templin who had once earlier made a life-like portrait of our Yogamaster Guruprasad , had this time gifted us with 3 another beautiful portraits of our Chief Ayurveda specialist Dr. Hema, our Ayurveda Culinary chief – Masterchef Joshy Sebastian and our senior […]

Podcast on Obesity


NATTIKA NEWS & UPDATE The pandemic has contributed to an increase in obesity rates due to lack of physical activities and in-disciplinary lifestyle. Also the current crisis and the need for self-isolation is prompting many to rely on processed food with longer shelf life (instead of fresh produce) . One might notice an increase in […]