A Fusion Of Tradition And Innovation : Nattika’s Ayurvedic Culinary Adventure

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Ayurvedic cuisine is deeply rooted in ancient Indian traditions and philosophies, emphasizing a holistic approach to food and health. According to Ayurveda, food is not just sustenance but also medicine, and the principles of this culinary tradition are based on achieving balance and harmony within the body through mindful eating. Ayurvedic cooking utilizes a diverse array of […]

Ayurveda And Diet

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Food sustains life in all living things. Ahara or Food is considered as the “Mahabhaishajya-The Superior Medicine” according to certain scholars of Ayurveda. Intake of timely, wholesome food helps to maintain strength, immunity, growth and intellect; thereby improving the Quality of Life. Ayurveda aims not only in treating ailments, but also it focuses primarily on […]