Concept of Disease in Ayurveda

November 2, 2022


Ayurveda explains disease as an imbalance in the harmonious state of the body or mind. This imbalance can occur due to internal factors like imbalance in body humors [doshas], external factors like trauma, toxins or at the level of mind. That which causes uneasiness or grief to the body or mind is called disease.


According to Ayurveda principles, the process of disease manifestation is given utmost importance. Knowing the root cause of disease and the process of its manifestation helps in earlier diagnosis and treatment. In Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort, we give prime importance to this for the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Explanation of pathogenesis starts with the exposure to etiological factors. These include the dietary and regimen factors which disturb the equilibrium of the body humors and cause its vitiation.

The vitiated humors accumulate and aggravate in their own sites within the body.

These aggravated body humors spread to other parts of the body in different directions through different channels [ srotas ] and gets lodged within the body tissues.

Here, the amalgamation of vitiated humors and body tissues begin. The premonitory symptoms of a disease are formed at this stage.

If the disease is not identified and treated at this stage, the vitiated humors cause further damage to the tissues and organs and leads to manifestation of signs and symptoms of the disease.

If treatment is delayed further, the disease progresses to a stage of incurability and becomes associated with complications.

The importance of this stage-wise understanding of pathogenesis is that the disease can be identified before it progresses further and the pathogenesis can be intervened by lifestyle changes or medications. Here in Nattika Beach Resort we make stage wise analysis of disease and based on that the treatments, diet and lifestyle modification is advised.


For treating a disease one should have a clear understanding of the patient and the disease.
The disease is to be examined or analysed by looking into its

  • Causative factor ( Nidana)
  • Prodromal symptoms( Pragrupa)
  • Pathogenesis ( Samrapthi)
  • Specific signs and symptoms (Lakshana)
  • Therapeutic tests (Upasaya)

Hence a disease or roga is diagnosed not merely by its name or symptoms. A detailed analysis of both disease and affected person is necessary for the proper treatment. At Nattika Resort we do a detailed analysis of all the above aspect to determine the diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Arul Susan George
Senior Physician
The Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort