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Mr. Sooryagosh V M
Nattika Life Incharge
The Nattika Ayurveda Beach Resort

Nattika Life is a leading Ayurveda Wellness Group located in the heart of Kerala, a land famous for its lush landscapes and profound Ayurvedic traditions. The group is committed to providing sanctuaries of healing along the serene seaside where the tranquility of nature enhances the journey towards wellness. Their mission is to provide a transformative experience that aligns the body, mind, and spirit with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, rather than just temporary relief.

Our Philosophy
At Nattika Life, we strongly believe in the power of Ayurveda to heal and rejuvenate. Our approach is based on centuries-old traditions, but we have updated it with modern understanding and practices to offer an authentic yet accessible wellness experience. We are committed to self-sustainability, ensuring that every aspect of your Ayurveda experience is pure and beneficial. Our commitment led to the establishment of the Nattika Life Herbal & Oil Company in 2017, which further deepened our dedication to providing holistic, natural solutions for wellness.

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Nattika Essence Benefits
Nattika Essence offers a range of blended essential oils that are crafted with utmost care. Our oils are a combination of the purest essences and are designed to create a soothing, energizing, and balancing effect. They are not just fragrances but therapeutic aids that help enhance mental clarity, physical vitality, and emotional balance.

Beyond Aromatherapy: Enriching Lives Through Wellness
More than mere fragrances, our essential oils embody the transformative power of wellness. Whether it's promoting relaxation, invigorating the senses, or supporting overall well-being, each drop holds the potential to uplift and inspire. At aromatherapy oil Nattika Life, we are passionate about sharing the benefits of aromatherapy and empowering individuals to embrace holistic health. In conclusion, the manufacturing of essential oils at Nattika Life is a labor of love – a harmonious blend of nature's bounty, artisanal craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to quality. With each bottle, we invite you to experience the beauty and vitality of the natural world, one aromatic journey at a time.

Nattika life products

  • Nattika Essence essential oils: The art of massage is a critical element of Ayurvedic therapy. Our blended essential massage oils are designed to complement this age-old technique, providing deeper relaxation, improved circulation, and nourishment to the skin.
  • Prabah - Blended Essential Oil Candle: Prabah, our blended essential oil candle, combines the therapeutic benefits of essential oils with the ambient warmth of candlelight. It creates an atmosphere of calm and purity, ideal for meditation, relaxation, and enhancing the home's energy. Nattika Life is more than just a manufacturing unit. It's a journey driven by passion to create the highest quality essential oils made by hand. Every drop of oil has a story to tell. Join us and explore the fascinating world of Nattika Life