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Dr. Sudin Dev
Consultant Physician
The Nattika Ayurveda Beach Resort

Work is an Art! Art is something that requires a lot of dedication, hard work and sincerity for it to be fruitful. But being gifted with the "Art of Healing" is something that the world is keenly observing. Being a good healer requires a lot of compassion, and a caring nature. They should be able to understand your problems even without needing to explain the details!

Anyone can become a Therapist by completing a course. But, to become the therapist of your choice. requires something special and magical with their hands, in addition to successfully completing a course. We believe, Nattika likely has the most rigorous selection process for appointing our therapists. After several rounds of interviews and tests to assess their subject knowledge. the best ones will be given the opportunity to serve at Nattika, but only after several months of intensive training given by the team of our senior-most Therapists.

We organise regular training programmes for our Therapists, where our team of doctors provides them with an insight into basic Ayurvedic principles and teach them certain special techniques to ensure the quality and effectiveness of treatments. They are all educated to develop an attitude to provide the same level of care and service to our guests that they would hope to receive if they were in need of care and services to our guests that they hope to receive from a therapist if they are in a situation needing care. And they do it with utmost dedication and passion so as to perform everything flawlessly. Still, suggestions from you provide the final touch to their work. And finally, joining all the dots together, reveals the beauty of Nattika Standard!

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