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Dr Hema
Chief Physician
The Nattika Ayurveda Beach Resort

India belongs to an age old civilization, which was blessed with great knowledge in various streams of sciences; be it Astronomy, Mathematics, Architecture or Medical Science!

Ayurveda – Probably the oldest systematic health science – The Mother of all Systems of Medicine – has its roots in the Indian Subcontinent!

We had a great tradition of Vaidya Samuha namely The Charaka, Susrutha, Vagbhata, Madhava, Chakrapani, and Bhavamishra to name a few.

Due to various reasons, most of the civilizations throughout the world had many setbacks; so did our civilization too… The biggest reason for our setback were the destruction of our prominent Universities – The Nalanda, The Takshashila and lots more of the contemporary Centres of Excellences.

Ayurveda was Mainstream medical system in India until the middle of 19th Century, after which it was forced to take a downward curve and was prevented from any futher developments. But by the end of 19th Century, the great power of this Science couldn’t be held buried, and it started to show its benefits to the whole World!

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Initially, Ayurveda was confined within the Country and slowly the name got momentum to spread globally. Ayurveda resort played a pivot role in presenting this great wisdom across the world!

At Nattika, we practice the real essence of Ayurveda, and have developed a “Nattika standard” of care. We look after people from across the globe, by introducing the basic concepts of Ayurveda like the Panchamahābhūta theory, the Tridosha Siddhanta, Panchakarma, Prakriti, Vikriti, and also the basics of Agni and Ahara. This makes them very much comfortable and attached to this science which is otherwise unknown to them. After a detailed consultation with an experienced panel of doctors, a tailored treatment plan which best suits to the individual is prepared. We do daily consultations to review and make required changes to the prepared treatment plan. We offer periodic lectures on various core concepts of Ayurveda by our experts. The entire stay is again spiced up with many activities like herbal garden visits, organic farm visits, and oil factory visits- all guided by our team of doctors.

Throughout the years’ long journey of promoting Ayurvedic wellness to the whole world, we have made every possible facility to provide the best experience at Nattika… Contact us to learn more !