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Dr. Nitha Gopalan
Chief Dietitian

Food sustains life in all living things. Ahara or Food is considered as the “Mahabhaishajya-The Superior Medicine” according to certain scholars of Ayurveda. Intake of timely, wholesome food helps to maintain strength, immunity, growth and intellect; thereby improving the Quality of Life. Ayurveda aims not only in treating ailments, but also it focuses primarily on preserving the health by preventing illness. For preserving the Quality of Life, this time-tested Divine Science provides - advice on proper diet, daily regimens, seasonal regimens, Incompatible food combinations (Viruddhaharam) which can impair the normal metabolism of our body, guidelines in terms of nature of food to be selected, processing of various food items, influence of the time factor, the six tastes' rule, etiquettes to be followed while eating, wholesome food (Pathayaharam) and unwholesome food (Apathyahara) for each health conditions and various treatment methodologies.

Treatment according to Ayurveda is a combined play of three important factors, viz; Medicine, Diet & Proper regimens. If any of these three factors are inadequate, the efficacy of treatment wanes. Out of which, a wholesome diet plays a pivotal role in controlling the efficacy of medicine and activities. Thus, we can see how Ayurveda emphasizes on proper diet in preserving the health of an individual.
Here at Nattika, diet performs an important role in the whole treatment package provided. During the consultations, a separate Dietary consultation is provided for the guests where they can discuss their eating habits, allergies, intolerances and all other dietary concerns with our expert team of Ayurvedic Dieticians who guide them throughout their stay. The restaurant here provides a vast range of Vegetarian cuisine specially designed according to the principles of Ayurveda under the guidance of our Executive Chef and his team.

After the completion of the treatment course, a detailed follow-up recommendation is also provided by our Team of Doctors, through which they can continue these principles in their regular life with their own native food. Thus, they can incorporate the ancient wisdom of this Life Science throughout their life. Contact us to learn more !

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