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Sooryagosh V M
Nattika Life Incharge
The Nattika Ayurveda Beach Resort

A beacon of excellence in the realm of herbal oil manufacturing, Nattika Life stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation in the art of herbal oil production.

Roots from Tradition
Nattika Life is inspired by ancient Ayurvedic principles referring to the ancient book - Sahasrayogam - Thailayoga Prakaranam . Each drop of Nattika Life herbal oils is rooted in these timeless traditions and encapsulates centuries of wisdom passed down through generations.

Nattika Life upholds purity as a way of life, not just a virtue. Our herbs are carefully sourced, and our extraction processes are pristine, with each step dedicated to maintaining quality standards.

Nature's Bounty Unveiled – Herbal Oil Ingredients and Sources
The breathtakingly beautiful landscapes of Nattika Ayurveda Beach Resort provide fertile ground for nature to flourish. Nattika Life is committed to sustainable harvesting practices, ensuring that the delicate balance of ecosystems remains undisturbed and future generations can inherit the richness of the land,we are producing 30% medicinal ingredients from our organic garden

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Nattika Life Herbal Oil Benefits
Nattika Life strongly believes in the healing properties of nature. We offer a wide range of herbal oils that cater to different wellness requirements. Whether you need to soothe sore muscles, relief from body pain and joint pain, consolation from skin problems,nourish your skin, relax your body or relax your mind, Nattika Life herbal oils are the perfect solution. Each drop of our oils represents the essence of holistic health and wellness.

Commitment to Our Customers
For Nattika Life, success is measured not just in terms of products sold but in the positive impact it leaves on our customers.Nattika Life is more than just a manufacturing company; a perfect solution for your mind and body , a guardian of ancient wisdom, and a beacon of holistic wellness. With a steadfast commitment to the human body with quality, and innovation, Nattika Life continues to redefine the boundaries of authentic herbal oil preparation, enriching lives and nurturing well-being every step of the way.