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Mr. Baiju George
Ayurveda Admin Manager
The Nattika Ayurveda Beach Resort

If you were ranked the ‘First’ for once and if you were not able to maintain that, then people might think that it was some factor of luck that made you the first. To maintain the ranking will be the highest task for anyone who has attained a position. When ranking is in the people’s minds, it becomes even more important to have a non-compromising strategy over the quality of service. We, the Nattika Team are always in the journey of pursuing excellence in terms of guest satisfaction. We strongly believe it is ‘your opinion about us’ that makes Nattika getting busier and busier each day. Yes, we continue to be the first choice for every international healthcare visitor for more than a decade!

Apart from providing the real ambience needed for an authentic Ayurveda treatment, we also make sure that our guests are fulfilling the aims of their visit. For this reason, we conduct various engaging activities for our guests that helps them to get more attached and remain closer to an Ayurvedic way of living; all guided by our expert Team of Doctors! In spite of all the tight schedules, we also make arrangements for sightseeing trips and various other visits to experience the great Indian tradition when you are here with us. We can make arrangements to make changes in your treatment timings accordingly for your convenience. We have 17 State of the Art Treatment rooms with excellent facilities required for all kinds of therapies available in Ayurveda!

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Something that makes us more special is our personalised treatment protocol, which is even flexible with individual needs. Ayurvedic treatment is not about troubling your body with some pre-prepared treatment packages. It should be equally effective for your body and your mind too. Mental relaxation is something that we offer you for sure! We have trained a set of excellent therapists to cater your health requirements and depending on your body nature as well as your health status we are able to provide the best suitable therapist for you.

Our occupancy is getting heavier each year. It’s your constant support and the energy that we derived from you, which helped us to spread over different parts of the world. And still we are emerging with new projects; all to replicate the Nattika standard of care! Working with Nattika for more than a decade was an opportunity to interact with health seekers from various parts of the world. I strongly believe that, in every job, self satisfaction is the most important. And we have that feeling of self satisfaction that our Teamwork is probably the best in this field. We can experience it when our guests book for our service in advance even for two to three coming years! We promise to be your first priority in the future too.