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Dr Sudin Dev
Consultant Physician
The Nattika Beach Resort

Fasting is a well known treatment modality accepted by almost all medical systems throughout the World. It has the ability to improve metabolism. Fasting has many other side benefits too! It is one of the most chosen treatment modalities for weight reduction. Different kinds of Fasting practices are adopted in different parts of the world; some do it very strictly, others do it in a lighter manner. But the most effective will surely be the strict version. Now, the biggest problem is that most people will not be able to tolerate the stricter versions of fasting!

But we have a solution! The experts at Nattika Ayurveda developed a set of medicated drinks which have proven in the long run of our experience, to be more effective and beneficial than just fasting!

This treatment modality got a lot of acceptance and became so popular in the West, that many of our guests are now asking for the same.

If weight loss or an improved metabolism is your aim, a 'Controlled Dieting' is what you require. The main purpose of Nattika's special drinks is also the same - A controlled diet or a controlled nourishment!

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